Syndicaster Rolls Out Powerful New Instant Voice-To-Text and Watermarking Capabilities

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Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange Conference to Leverage Syndicaster Platform, Featuring New Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY– Critical Media today announced that Syndicaster, its leading real-time, online video ecosystem, has added powerful voice-to-text and watermarking capabilities to its full-service Web video digitization, editing, publishing and syndication platform. The Syndicaster platform, including these new features, will also take center stage at the Newspaper Association of America’s (NAA) upcoming mediaXchange conference in Dallas, Texas from March 25 to 28. Syndicaster allows organizers to easily live stream, edit, watermark, publish and syndicate video clips to its Web audience in near real-time.

“We’re excited to put the newest features of the Syndicaster platform to use by working with the NAA as a mediaXchange sponsor; delivering live transcripts, keyword search, streaming and instant short form video clip creation allows conferences to extend their brands and create a new category of actionable video news,” said Critical Media CEO Sean Morgan. “More generally, Syndicaster’s new voice-to-text and branding features will continue to help grow newspapers and other media companies into successful, recognized 24/7 local TV news channels.”

The new voice-to-text capabilities allow for the creation of text transcripts for video content almost instantly. With the mere click of a button, video assets are given the same kind of searchable metadata found on broadcast content, which already has closed captioning. With newspapers and media companies rapidly relying on video news to deliver their stories on the Internet, the addition of instant voice-to-text transcription will make all of their original video content as discoverable in search as text articles.

Video assets on the Web tend to disappear into the ether without appropriate branding and watermarking. Syndicaster now gives clients the ability to brand their videos before distribution through watermarking; their company or brand logos can be placed on the bottom right corner of all video content to ensure their brands are always prominent within videos, even after video content is syndicated.

The NAA will leverage these new features within the core Syndicaster platform to edit the conference general sessions into video segments to be broadcast live on the NAA website via a privately labeled Syndicaster player. This will make their video assets fully searchable and their brand prominently placed within their video-on-demand content.

Starting immediately, Syndicaster’s more than 250 broadcast and newspaper clients — many, like the Journal Register Company, already leverage the flexibility of consumer-grade cameras and video-enabled mobile devices — will be using these new features to make their content easier to find and protect their brand while creating engaging original video.

Critical Media and its core products, Critical Mention, ClipSyndicate and Syndicaster, enable the monitoring, identification, distribution and monetization of video content via the web in real-time.

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