Syndicaster Uploader App Released At NAB Show; First Users Include 3,000+ Journalists, Editors and Video Operations Staff at Local News Outlets in More Than 100 U.S. Markets

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‘News Truck in Their Phone’ to Publish to Web, Mobile and Facebook

LAS VEGAS, April 7 – Syndicaster, the end-to-end video services platform licensed by more than 300 local TV affiliates and newspapers, today announced the release of the Syndicaster Uploader App to more than 3,000 journalists, editors and video operations staff at more than 300 local news outlets across more than 100 markets.

The app, available for iOS through the iTunes store and for Android through Google Play, was released in conjunction with NAB Show in Las Vegas, the media and entertainment technology event expected to draw 90,000+ attendees from 155 countries to Las Vegas, April 5-10.

“Broadcasters and newspaper publishers understand their online and mobile audiences are clamoring for more video, and there is significant advertising and subscription revenue available to those news outlets that get it right,” said Sean Morgan, founder and CEO of Critical Media, which operates Syndicaster. “We are excited to help our media clients increase the flow of local video news from the field by making it really easy and cost-free to enable all their journalists and feet-on-the-street staff with the ability to easily contribute in the news gathering process.”

The Syndicaster Uploader App, which may be downloaded at no charge, connects with the Syndicaster video editing, publishing and syndication workflow platform that’s now part of the newsroom workflow in 300+ TV stations and newspapers.

The app streamlines the in-field capture of breaking news, interviews with local businesses, politicians, athletes and local events like high school and college athletics, said Morgan. Content can range from short-form content as short as 5 seconds to full-length interviews of up to 15 minutes.

Lengthy time delays from capture to publishing are eliminated because the app uploads all video segments directly into the media properties’ Syndicaster account, where they can be reviewed, edited, titled, ad tagged, geo-coded, thumbnailed and immediately published to all channels – including Web, mobile & connected-TV apps. In addition, Syndicaster enables one-click migration to a media property’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and other third-party platforms.

“This is like having a news truck in your phone,” said Morgan, adding that the Syndicaster platform allows media properties to review all submissions prior to choosing to edit, title, tag and publish the segments.

Local News is poised for a massive expansion in the connected TV market, said Morgan.

“The consumer wants to see a truly expanded and truly local video news experience. Our newspaper and TV clients may also enable their partners with the app. These could include the staff at high school and college newspapers in a publisher’s area, event owners, sports teams, politicians and municipalities and much more,” Morgan said.

Kerry Oslund,  corporate vice president of digital media for Schurz Communications, said local news organizations gain competitive advantage through tools that make it easier to quickly aggregate and publish news video from the field.

“Everyone on our team carries a smart phone, so any app that can streamline the process of getting video into our newsroom and in front of our viewers is a welcome addition,” said Oslund.  “We look forward to trying this out.”

The Syndicaster Uploader App is included with every Syndicaster account.

A series of webinars has been scheduled for April and May to provide a forum for newsroom management and members of the editorial teams at participating media outlets to see the Syndicaster Uploader App in use and to ready for local implementation.   Register for a session here.

About Critical Media:

Critical Media offers three software-as-a-service products that enable the capture, monitoring, identification, creation, distribution and monetization of video assets via the Web in real-time. Critical Media’s global Live TV capture network, capturing over 40 hours of live TV every minute, has been tapped into by hundreds of content owners to edit and publish more than 3.5 million video assets. Syndicaster’s end-to-end video services platform is subscribed to by news-producing television affiliates and newspapers for real-time HD capture, cloud video editing, metadata optimization, real-time speech-to-text transcript creation, and instant publishing, distribution and monetization. Critical Media is headquartered in New York City.