Forges Strategic Relationship With Critical Media, Bringing the Most Advanced Online Video Ecosystem to more than 1,500 Newspapers

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NEW YORK, April 17 – has formed a strategic relationship with Critical Media to help TownNews newspaper clients greatly expand the amount of locally produced and syndicated video news content on their interactive editions, the two companies announced today.

The alliance, which includes Critical Media’s digital platforms Syndicaster and ClipSyndicate, was forged at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange 2012 in Washington. More than 1,500 U.S. and Canadian clients will benefit from advanced cloud-based video editing, distribution and monetization and will gain access to hundreds of vertical content video packages on topics ranging from personal finance and health to celebrity news.

“Our clients are among the most trusted news brands in their communities, and they have the opportunity to become prominent local video producers,” said Marc Wilson, CEO and general manager of “We think this technology offers newspapers great potential to enhance their traditional role as their community’s leading news and advertising providers.”

Syndicaster’s player environment and content taxonomy are fully integrated within award winning BLOX Content Management System. The companies will be expanding the integration of their technology platforms via web APIs, providing shared clients a seamless video editing and web publishing experience.

“Newspapers still have the largest news gathering organizations in any community; in a multi- platform world, Syndicaster makes it easy for any newspaper, big or small, to generate an impressive amount of hyper-local video news and deliver it to their audiences online, on mobile devices and now on connected TVs. We have client newspaper groups generating more than 24 hours of video news every 24 hours. Today, there’s nothing stopping them from launching an “over-the-top” 24-hour news channel. This is a unique opportunity for newspapers to leverage their brands and dominate the mindshare of consumers in their local markets,” said Ion Puspurica, executive vice president of Critical Media and general manager of the company’s Media Services Group.

Services to be offered to clients of include:

  • Syndicaster, used by close to 30 percent of U.S. news-producing television affiliates and over 150 newspapers for real-time HD capture and creation of video clips, makes video fully keyword-searchable within moments of airtime and greatly streamlines existing workflows. The Syndicaster platform enables publication of video assets to the broadcasters’ own websites for web, mobile, and tablet viewing; video assets are also placed into syndication online, and delivered over-the-top to connected TVs, all within 60 seconds of airtime
  • ClipSyndicate, the largest aggregator of local broadcaster and newspaper video content. In addition to providing automatically updating channels in more than 500 verticals, ClipSyndicate also affords custom channel creation and editorial tools for managing video in any number of niche topics. The platform provides a revenue share for both producers and publishers from any advertising that accompanies video.

Sean Morgan, founder and CEO of Critical Media, pointed to the use of Syndicaster HD for live streaming of President Barack Obama’s NAA address as a prime example of how America’s newspapers are positioned to become America’s next broadcasters.

“Partnering with to offer Syndicaster and ClipSyndicate to hundreds of hometown newspapers will let them do what they do best – cover local news – while giving them a powerful set of tools to bring their pages to life with video, and to monetize that video across tens of thousands of third-party sites,” said Morgan.

About Critical Media

Critical Media offers three software-as-a-service products that enable the monitoring, identification, distribution and monetization of broadcast assets via the web in real-time. These products, Critical Mention, Syndicaster and ClipSyndicate together make up the world’s largest video ecosystem. Critical Media manages the complete process of digitizing TV and radio broadcast media, as well as video uploads, webcam and conference video assets, live voice- to-text, live searching of video and real-time clip creation. The company also offers white label video player licensing, ad serving, CDN and video monetization services. More than 1,000 companies subscribe to Critical Media, allowing them to manage real time clip creation, syndication and video business intelligence. Every 60 seconds, Critical Media ingests 44 hours of broadcast content from four continents across five languages, making every minute of content keyword-searchable within 60 seconds of airtime. Critical Media was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit Critical Media, ClipSyndicate and Syndicaster are trademarks of Critical Mention, Inc.

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