New Features Webinar FAQ

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Mobile Uploader

What is the quality after download for stations who wish to air the video on Broadcast?

Videos from Android devices are uploaded as-is.  Videos from iOS devices are transcoded and optimized for uploading.

Once videos arrive in Syndicaster, they are saved according to the content owner’s “master file type” settings.  The default master file type is a 640-wide 4mbps mpeg2.


Is there any way to create the clip during the upload process?

You cannot save an upload from the app directly as a clip. You must go into the Files tab and edit the uploaded file. We plan an adding this ability in a future release.


Is there a cap on upload file size?

The app does not really have a file size cap, although it’s possible you could run into one that is platform-specific, i.e. an iOS limitation rather than an app limitation.


And what’s the maximum length we should upload? 

There is no minimum length for an upload, but a *clip* in Syndicaster must be at least 5 seconds.


How concerned should we be about storage?

You can manage your storage costs by setting Auto-Expiration rules on the Content Owner edit page.

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